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We Love you! 

Weekend Retreat 

coming soon in  2020


If you have 10 people interested we will arrange one for you soon...


What Kind of Life Do You Dream About?  

I realized that my work over the years brought traumatized clients from survival to stability.  After 17 years of helping countless hundreds I realized that I could not take my clients to the life of their dreams.  I could not get them to success or significance.   In fact I was not able to live the life of my dreams.  I still had much to learn, as we all do on this journey of life.  

 Ernest Holmes was known to say, "You can only take people to the level of consciousness

 that you have personally."  

I  knew I wanted more in life and wanted to increase my capacity to help others in a more extraordinary way.  

Looking at how the divorce rate is up to 71% and most affairs start in the workplace because two parent families are having full time jobs and part time relationships, I knew I wanted to impact at a higher level.    

Kids are being raised in baby jail (day care) and with very overstressed parents.  Kids today have more anxiety than kids in the 1950's that were diagnosed with serious mental illness.  

Families in the 50'a, 60'a AND 70'S still had a parent at home.  When money got tight and people wanted more, then more mommies went off to work. The recession of the 80's saw an upswing of women in the workforce.  JOB's were not the answer.  

The employee mindset will only take you so far and leave you time bankrupt.  

Since the industrial revolution we have been taught that to get ahead it was important to get good grades, go to college, get a good job and work for someone else's profit for the rest of our lives trading the best years of our lives.  We were taught to be good employees.  

 I believe that starting out kid in life saddled with debt is a criminal offence.  

I got lucky and were introduced to an amazing couple that I now proudly call our mentors.  They have taught me about success and significance, and how to make money differently so i can stop sacrificing my life for a job.  

Our mentors have taught me and my family about the word "work".  

"The world is not a crazy enough place to give you that which you have not earned.

Contrary to the popular “everybody deserves to feel good movement” in our society, you have to earn the right to feel good about yourself. Just like a bank account you must make deposits into the bank accounts of confidence and self-esteem. Do the work, give it your all, and win the day by accomplishing and following through on what you have set out to do. Having an extraordinary life means you must leave mediocrity behind.   Those are called deposits into the account of confidence and self-esteem. Cutting corners – being lazy – doing less than what you are capable, those are withdrawals in the account of confidence and self-esteem. The opposition to an extraordinary life is a good life.  Good enough wasn't good enough for me.   

With a mission to get people financially free and provide leadership in business and the needed mentorship in life to have a great marriage and be great parents.  To work hard and retire with a two to five year plan, debt free, on the side and leave a legacy of freedom, joy and significance.  Our business mentorship will cut you open and lay you out.  You will finally know that you have royalty running through your veins. 


My Mentors believe that, “To whom much is given, much is required.” They have decided to live their life paying forward to others what was paid forward to them, changing the world one family at a time. They hope to help people to live their lives in a way that fulfills their God­-given purpose and potential.

As one of their  greatest heroes and life coaches used to tell them, “The greatest use of your life is to live your life so that the use of your life outlives your life.”

"Legacy is greater than currency."

 I have a vision to get 1000 mommies and daddies back home.

  Want to join me?  

Are you an "A" player stuck in a "B" game?

Are you wanting to buy back all the best years of your life?

Would you like to live a life of significance and give back to the world?

Do you want to stop sacrificing all the best years of your life for a job?

Do you want to earn and learn how to be a leader and help families

 get financially free?

Do you have the sinking feeling like there must be something more?  

Do you want mentorship from those who have proven fruit on their trees?

Do you have desire?

Do you have follow through?

Can you prioritize?

Do you have what it takes?  

Can you build trust and friendship?  

Learn value based decision making.

Yes, we have a very strict vetting process.  

Very few make it.  (2) Two percent to be exact.  

All others go back to the life they say they don't want.  

What will you do?  

I am here to guide you to the life of your dreams!  





Where to you want to be?

What do you want your life to look like?

Eradicate poverty, addiction, divorce, depression, anxiety.

Bring peace, joy, adventure, success and significance! 

Being mentored by debt free cash flow millionaires is not something you can describe but have to experience:

The values they uphold include: faith, marriage, family, health, living debt-­free, and living a life of significance.

I agree!